Early Years Music Classes

Baby Music and Sensory

This is the first class in the Music Box program is for babies age 6 weeks to 20 months. 

Music is fundamental to every babies development and the stimulating environment in our music and sensory classes are specifically designed to help this process. Through singing and dancing you can encourage the pathways to your babies brain to make new connections, playing an important part in the future emotional and intellectual development of your child. 

Babies really enjoy and benefit from being part of a group and mixing with others. When parents and babies are together in a class it helps with bonding and the group environment enhances the experience for the parents. 

Toddler Music and Movement

As children start to grow and develop their confidence, creativity and coordination also comes on leaps and bounds. The Music Box toddler class had been created specifically for children aged between and 18 months and 3 years. Like all our classes, the toddler classes are designed to help children learn and develop life skills such as sharing and waiting their turn. Its important that not only do they enjoy being part of a group but actively participate in music making. They develop confidence and self expression through movement whilst the solid musical foundation is being laid.

Pre-school Musicianship

As your child gets ready for school their confidence creativity and coordination is taken to the next level. They now attend the classes on their own with the reassurances that mum or dad are just outside. At the end if each session they have the pride in telling their parents all the interesting things they have learned. 

So far the Music Box curriculum has focused on training the children's ears to listen to music, children will now learn to use their eyes to recognise musical notation that has been written down and develop their creative mind through composition and improvisation. Its is still fun but educational, the young students learn to listen to their teacher, take instructions and carry out tasks. This classes are a perfect preparation for for any child who would like to play a musical instrument when they are older. At this age it is important that children develop social skills by learning to work together and this group activity is a wonderful experience, something they will never forget.


Key Stage 1 Musicianship

These classes will include participating in music games and activities aimed at teaching the basic building blocks of written and performed music. The young students learn how to understand music notation, read music on the stave, compose in it and perform on different instruments. The important elements of music; rhythm, pulse, dynamic control, pitch and tempo and taught through engaging activities. They are introduced to a full range of tuned percussion and orchestral instruments, its a chance for the students to try them out and see exactly what they feel and sound like. The students continue to learn through fun activities and games but the sessions are fully structured and planned around our own curriculum. Singing and poetry is a huge part of these sessions, the voice is our primary instrument and all young musicians should be encouraged to sing.