Instrumental Tuition in Schools

We are proud to offer high quality instrumental lessons in schools across East Riding and Hull. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers make learning fun and memorable for the students. 


Tuition is competitively priced allowing everyone access to lessons. Students learn for pleasure however they are able to take exams if and when they are ready to. 


From a schools perspective it is hassle free. They find us a place to teach and offer the lessons to the students, from there on we deal with everything so schools are not spending valuable time chasing parents and payments. 


All students have the opportunity to perform in a Winter and Summer showcase where they get to meet other students from other schools and perform in group performances. We also run in-house concerts in each school every summer term where parents are invited to watch their children perform.


Over 2021-2022 we have plans with new schools to introduce lessons, seeing this side of The Music Box grow.